About Me

Firstly, about me.

Hi, I’m Honour. I offer fully insured Personal Training services, based on the beautiful Isle of Wight. I’ll tell you about my fitness story.

I was quite a sporty kid, involved heavily in competitive horse riding, swimming and dabbling martial arts. As I grew, my interest in sports disengaged, and I become a relatively unhealthy young adult. I felt unhealthy, unmotivated in almost every aspect and quite frankly unhappy. I’d tried running and it didn’t suit. I’d tried classes and felt out of place and uncoordinated.

Then I joined a gym and suddenly found a drive I didn’t know I had. I become dedicated, I changed. Soon after I jumped straight in to getting qualified. I studied for two years, picking up every qualification I could on the way. I went on to graduate, receiving an award for the highest dedication and effort. I’m now healthy, motivated, working fully immersed in the fitness industry and most importantly happy. I still regularly attend new courses and enjoy every single one.

Was this all down to exercise? Absolutely not. I’ve had to re-haul my entire self-belief system; I’ve had to change my perspective; I’ve had to find what’s important and what’s not; in turn I’ve had to find out what values I hold. Fitness has not just been an aspect; it’s turned into a journey.

Oh, and just so it’s out there

I HATE the ‘fitness’ industry!

Or shall I say, I hate what the fitness industry has become. It’s no longer about healthy living. It’s no longer about health, about better choices or about exercise that can benefit you. It’s about 6 packs, the big ass, the big guns and it’s become about making people feel like they aren’t enough, for profit, for likes, for fame. It’s sunk to unqualified ‘gurus’ dictating what people should and shouldn’t eat, what people should wear to make their ass pop and what the new fitness standards are. And I despise the effect it’s having on people. It’s misleading and it’s potentially stopping YOU from becoming what you could be.

This is YOUR health.
This is YOUR fitness
This is YOUR journey.

So, join me at moveyourselffitness if you are tired of wading through seas of misinformation, if you are struggling to get started, if you’ve hit a wall you need to overcome or if you need a helping hand in the direction!