Welcome to Move Yourself Fitness and welcome to my blog page!

Here, I will be covering a range of areas, from personal experiences, to helpful tips, to covering controversial subjects; all relating to physical and mental well-being.

My blogs are aimed to help sieve through the BS of the fitness industry as we see it today, through my own perspective, knowledge and experience. Hopefully you will take something from them that may help you on your fitness journey, offer you a different view or help break down things in a more easily understood format. Sometimes all this health terminology can sound like a different language. This information could save you time, money and maybe some sanity too.

It can be hard to filter through what is real and what is unnecessary. So here I am, a real person, a real PT, with a real intention to help those who need it.

Here at Move Yourself Fitness, I try to create a positive, fun and educational way to exercise. After all, you should both enjoy it and benefit from it. Healthy doesn’t have to be boring.

Here with Move Yourself Fitness, I celebrate the uniqueness of you… yes you. It’s your body, your mind, your ethics, your life, your journey. There are nearly 8 billion people on the planet, there is only one you. Let’s make it the best you.

As expected, there will be on occasion bad language within these blogs. I will be covering things you may not agree with. I may be a bit on the controversial side. Blogs are intended to provoke thought, spark creativity and ignite discussion.

I’m friendly and approachable, so feel free to contact me for more information or feedback. Similarly, if there is a subject you want me to cover, please get in touch. Your input is always welcome!

  Honour Ball, owner of Move Yourself Fitness

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